Kasztner's Crime

The Jewish Divide Over Israel: Accusers and Defenders

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The Devil State: Chomsky's War Against Israel [PDF]

Manifestations of Antisemitism in British Intellectual and Cultural Life [PDF]


Sorting Out the Good Guys and Bad Guys in the War Over Zionism

Kastner: Holocaust Hero Or Nazi Collaborator?

On Quest to Clear Kasztner, Historian "Shocked" to Prove Nazi Collaboration

From Jewish Hero to "Schindler in Reverse"

Jewish Book Week 2017: Perpetrators and Their Victims

6 Questions: Author Paul Bogdanor

Coin Is Not Proof of Nazi Collaboration With Zionists, Says Historian


Unethical Divestment [PDF]

Jews Who Hate the Jewish State

Leftists For a Second Holocaust

The Legacy of Israel Shahak

Chomsky and the Terror Masters

The Extremist Allegiances of Joel Beinin

The Deceptions of Edward Said [PDF]

Jeremy Corbyn is Placing Himself at the Head of Britain's "Palestine Solidarity" Lynch Mobs

An Antisemitic Hoax: Lenni Brenner on Zionist "Collaboration" With the Nazis

Tony Greenstein's House of Cards [PDF]

Tony Greenstein's Sleight of Hand [PDF]

New Jewish Apostates (with Edward Alexander)

Our Journey to the Jewish State

Misleading Criticisms of Kasztner's Crime: A Reply to Paul Sanders

Rezső Kasztner: The Man Who Betrayed 400,000 Jews

Ken Livingstone's Claims Are an Insult to the Truth

Ken Livingstone and the Myth of Zionist "Collaboration" With the Nazis

Kasztner: Holocaust Hero or Accessory to Mass Murder?

Silencing Auschwitz Survivors: The Ongoing Kasztner Scandal


David Stannard, Ward Churchill and the Holocaust

"Good Jews"

Atzmon Versus Greenstein

The Abominable Dr. Shahak

Western Leftists and Third World Sadists

Slavery's Prophets

Should Marxism Rise Again?

Hobsbawm and His Admirers

Who is Lenni Brenner?

Ken Livingstone, Lenni Brenner, and Historical Distortions: A Case Study

Ken Livingstone, Lenni Brenner, and Falsified Evidence


Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and the Boundaries of Dissent


Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Top 250 Chomsky Lies [PDF]

The Wit and Wisdom of Noam Chomsky

The Communists As They Really Are

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The Finkelstein Phenomenon: Reflections on the Exploitation of Anti-Jewish Bigotry

Chomsky's Totalitarian Apologetics

Chomsky Denies a Genocide

Chomsky's Protocols

Manufacturing Distortions

Review of Oasis of Dreams and Israeli and Palestinian Identities in Dialogue