June 3, 2014:

Left-Wing Bloodbaths updated:
- Murray Rothbard, The Myth of Democratic Socialism [PDF]
- George Reisman, The Tyranny of Socialism [PDF]

May 20, 2014:

Online Writings updated:
- The Deceptions of Edward Said [PDF]

May 14, 2014:

The Jewish Divide Over Israel: Further Reading updated:
- Steven Plaut, Jewish Enablers of the War Against Israel [PDF]
- Edward Alexander, Jews Against Themselves: The BDS Movement and Modern Apostasy
Left-Wing Bloodbaths updated:
- Thomas G. West, Marx and Lenin
- Leszek Kolakowski, Marxist Roots of Stalinism [PDF]
- Stéphane Courtois, The Crimes of Communism
- Stéphane Courtois, Why?
- Leszek Kolakowski, Trotsky on Dictatorship [PDF]
- Hurst Hannum, International Law and Cambodian Genocide: The Sounds of Silence

May 12, 2014:

Online Writings updated:
- The Extremist Allegiances of Joel Beinin