NB: A central theme of Soviet antisemitic incitement was the charge that the Zionists conspired with the Nazis to murder 6 million Jews. The purpose of this lie was to blame the victims for the Holocaust while diverting attention from the Soviet-Nazi Pact. Background on the Zionist-Nazi conspiracy lie can be found here.

“Vile Slander Campaign” by Heirs of “Traitors”

Anti-Soviet Zionism’s Wartime Collaboration With Nazis

Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union in Russian 12:54 GMT (also in English 14:44 GMT),
August 2, 1979,
BBC Summary of World Broadcasts,
August 4, 1979

Text of commentary by Yuriy Sergeyev:

The vile slander campaign against the Soviet Union systematically conducted by international Zionism has of late become most unbridled and insolent in nature. And what malicious fables the Zionists are inventing! Now they come out with crude falsifications, now they seek to hold the USSR responsible for international terrorism in which, as is common knowledge, the Zionists themselves, their secret services, their prominent leaders and patrons take a most active part.

Such monstrous concoctions, fabricated on the pattern of Goebbels’ propaganda, can be conceived only by those who themselves operated and operate by fascist methods. The open policy of terror and genocide against the population of the Israeli-occupied Arab territories is well enough known. Neither are the crimes forgotten of the Zionists who operated hand-in-glove with the Hitlerites in the extermination of Jews in many countries during the Second World War. It is known, for instance, that Eichmann, the special authorized representative of the fascist Government “for the Final Solution of the Jewish problem,” maintained close contacts with Zionists and exterminated Jews with their complicity, to begin with inside Germany and then in the countries it occupied. In Poland, the Zionist Nossing was an active accomplice of the Hitlerites, in Czechoslovakia it was the Zionist Mandler, etc. Neither has the international community forgotten the so-called case of Rudolf Kastner, the ringleader of the Hungarian Zionists. This gentleman, who at one time held a prominent position in the Israeli State machinery, had earlier, during the war, helped the Hitlerites dispatch thousands of Jews to crematoria “in exchange” for sparing the lives of a few moneybags and Zionist activists.

It was irrefutably established in the sensational “Kastner case” in the 1950s that Kastner, who collaborated with Eichmann and SS General Becher, “exported” 5,000 wealthy Jews and members of the Zionist youth organizations from Hungary, leaving 500,000 other persons of Jewish nationality to the mercy of the fascists. In regard to the bulk of the Jewish population in Hungary, Kastner pursued a policy of direct betrayal. The original “technology” for the annihilation of the Hungarian Jews was worked out in complicity with him. Kastner first helped the Gestapo to concentrate the Jews in ghettos, knowing full well that from there they would get only to the gas chambers of Oswiecim.

The Zionist “rescue committee” headed by Kastner spread deliberately false rumours alleging that the Jews would be sent from the ghettos to a so-called “safe labour camp,” Kinir Mizo. The Jews were loaded into wagons and told that they would be taken to that camp; up to the very last moment the victims of the Hitlerites and Zionists did not suspect that they were really being directly taken to the gas chambers and crematoria of Oswiecim. Thus were 500,000 Hungarian Jews exterminated. It was established through documents that Kastner had closely collaborated with the Gestapo, acting at the bidding of the ringleaders of international Zionism.

Kastner was killed by Israeli secret police agents in March 1957. It is not difficult to guess why this was done: to conceal the truth of the crimes of Kastner and his contacts with the leaders of Zionism. These facts, these sinister deeds of the Zionists, have, however, not been forgotten.

Such are the vile deeds of the Zionist traitors and executioners who helped in the extermination of the Jewish population of Europe during the last war. They show how deep is the abyss which separates the reactionary leaders of Zionism from the broad mass of the Jewish people, who were fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with other peoples against Nazism. The traitorous actions of the Zionists against the Jewish people have always been decisively denounced and are being denounced by the progressives of all countries, including those of the Jewish community.

The present-day heirs of Nossing, Mandler, Kastner and Co., acting on Goebbels’ prescriptions, vainly don the toga of “defenders of Soviet Jews,” seeking behind this utterly false screen to continue their vile deeds to oblige imperialist reaction, which Zionism has always served and is serving now. Their perfidious actions are arousing the anger and indignation of all upright people of the world.


Pravda on “Common Essential Features of Fascism and Zionism”

Moscow in English for North America, 23:00 GMT,
January 28, 1984,
BBC Summary of World Broadcasts,
February 9, 1984

The Soviet national daily Pravda has cited some facts illustrating some common essential features of fascism and Zionism. We now present the highlights of that article:

The Israeli rulers tend to get irritated when Zionism is compared with fascism. They say the comparison is blasphemous and sacrilegious with respect to the Jews exterminated in Nazi concentration camps. They dare involve the Nazis’ victims, though the Zionists themselves are known to have collaborated with the Nazis. The criminal proceedings in Israel in 1952 over Kastner, who represented the leading international Zionist body, the Jewish Agency, in Hungary during the Second World War, brought to light Kastner’s transactions with Adolf Eichmann, in charge of the Gestapo department for Jewish affairs. The Jews whom Zionists had no use for were sent to death camps but some others, above all the most active Zionists and those who supported them financially, were transported to neutral countries.

Also similar are the Zionist and the fascist theories of a pure race and the distinction they make between what they call inferior and superior nations. Hitler planned to exterminate millions of people of inferior race and Max Nordau, a prominent Zionist ideologist, said this about Palestinian Arabs: “The inferior race is doomed to extinction. I don’t see how it can be saved.” This idea is now carried out by the Zionists’ genocidal policies towards Arabs. For many years, Pravda continues, the Zionists in Israel have been preaching hatred towards Arabs. In October, 1980, the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, adopted a law forbidding to sell land and immovable property to foreigners, meaning non-Jews, of course. Doesn’t it bring to mind the Nazis’ laws barring Jews from occupying posts in government and from buying land and real estate?

But the similarity between fascism and Zionism has never been so manifest as in the recent Lebanese events where Zionists massacred Arabs in Sabra and Shatila. The former Austrian Chancellor, Bruno Kreisky, who is Jewish himself, then called the Begin Government semi-fascist and said it was pursuing an apartheid policy. Pravda recalls that back in the 1930s Menachem Begin organized Betar Zionist groups in Poland. They wore brown shirts and high boots and they carried clubs. Many Jews were outraged. They said it was a shame to imitate the style of the Nazi SA. The present Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, was a member of the terrorist Zionist Stern Gang. Back in 1941 he took part in negotiations with Gestapo on joint terrorist actions against the British in Palestine. Before Shamir was appointed Prime Minister the Israeli Association of Fighters Against Fascism and of Victims of Nazism had sent a letter to the Knesset saying Shamir couldn’t be Prime Minister because he had been connected with the Nazis. But the Knesset wouldn’t listen.

From its very first days Zionism, just like fascism, was at the service of big capital and the imperialist ruling circles, Pravda points out. Zionism in its turn enjoys the imperialists’ full support in reaching its own reactionary goals. This is very well illustrated by the current strategic co-operation between the USA and Israel, by their joint aggression against Lebanon and intensive psychological war against socialist countries. The policies of Israel’s ruling clique and international Zionism are causing indignation among all honest people, including Soviet citizens of Jewish descent. They refuse to be associated with the Zionists and that’s why they have set up an anti-Zionist committee in this country. The founders of that public organization, prominent Jewish Soviet public figures, have condemned the crimes of the Zionist troops in the Middle East, comparing them, quite justifiably, with the Nazis’ crimes on German-occupied territories during the Second World War.


Waldheim Election: “Malicious” Campaign by Zionists

Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union in English, 07:45 GMT,
June 11, 1986,
BBC Summary of World Broadcasts,
June 13, 1986

Text of commentary by political analyst Askold Biryukov:

Describing the malicious campaign launched against him by the Zionist circles and the US administration, Austria’s President-elect Kurt Waldheim has said in an interview with the Lebanese weekly al-Usbu al-Arabi that it was masterminded by the World Jewish Congress. Waldheim emphasised that the aim of the campaign was to settle old scores and try and take revenge on him for his impartial stance with regard to the Middle East problem during his term of office as UN Secretary-General.

“Along with Israel’s right to exist” Waldheim said, “I acknowledged that the Palestinians also have the rights that should be recognised, including the right to self-determination. I was also in favour of Israel’s return to the 1967 borders.” Waldheim said that he “favoured the need for a comprehensive settlement within the framework of the international conference with the participation of five permanent member states of the Security Council.” Explaining the reasons why the Reagan administration joined the attempts to prevent his election as the Austrian president, Waldheim recalled: “While at the post of UN Secretary-General, I observed that the USA was the very obstacle that resulted in the collapse of all UN attempts to play an effective role in settling conflict problems in the world and in the Middle East in particular.” Waldheim pointed out that the former head of the Austrian government, Bruno Kreisky, was also a “target of an American campaign due to his stand on the Middle East questions.” Indeed, the former Austrian chancellor, who raised his voice against Israel’s heinous crimes in Lebanon, was subjected to insulting accusations on the part of Tel Aviv.

Those were stupid accusations, said Kreisky, one of the leaders of the Socialist International. “I’m Jewish,” he observed, “but I’m not a Zionist, because Zionism is nationalism in its extreme manifestation.” During their campaign against Waldheim’s election as President, the Zionist circles, above all in Israel, sought to portray themselves as anti-fascist, as irreconcilable fighters against Nazi collaborationists and as human rights advocates. The unnatural “change” in the behaviour of these circles, if it really took place, could only be welcomed. But that wasn’t the case. Their deeds vividly show that Zionism remains an ideology of racial hatred. Indeed, Israel’s racist policies with regard to the Arabs can only be likened to genocide.

President Francois Mitterrand of France, speaking about the Israeli army’s actions in Lebanon, recalled the French village of Oradour that was razed by Nazi troops and all its inhabitants killed. The UN on several occasions stigmatised Zionism as one of the worst varieties of racism and racial discrimination.

When Franz-Josef Strauss, leader of the right-wing Christian Social Union and Minister President of Bavaria, arrived in Israel for a private visit in March last year, the Tel Aviv authorities gave the notorious patron of West German revenge-seekers a warm welcome. And they had reasons for praising the former officer of the Hitler Wehrmacht, who wholly backed Tel Aviv’s aggressive course and came out in favour of stronger military co-operation between the FRG and Israel.

The entire world, including American World War Two veterans, protested against the insulting action by President Reagan who laid a wreath at the cemetery of Hitler troops and SS-men in Bitburg on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory over fascism. How did Tel Aviv react? The Israeli leaders, while posing as anti-fascists, seemed to be struck dumb.

The hypocrisy of the Zionists who seek to present themselves as fighters against Nazism – something they were not – is deep rooted in history. This is evidenced, for example, by the controversial Kastner affair. Kastner, a Zionist figure who posed as courageous fighter for the interests of the Jewish people (during the war he headed the so-called Committee for the Salvation of the Jewish Population of Hungary), it turned out, collaborated with Nazis, including such notorious butchers as the head of the Jewish section at the Gestapo, Eichmann, and SS Standartenfuehrer Becher.

Having arranged with the SS and the Gestapo for the immigration into Switzerland of 600 rich Jews, Zionist leaders of the Hungarian Jewish community he himself picked, as well as their relatives, Kastner helped the fascists to eliminate 500,000 Hungarian citizens of Jewish nationality. All of them were concentrated with assistance of the Kastner-headed salvation committee into a Jewish ghetto from where they were deported to death camps and exterminated in gas chambers. Despite the proven facts of collaboration between Kastner and other Zionist leaders and the Nazis, the Israeli rulers did their utmost to conceal the truth.

The Tel Aviv hypocrites will be unable to portray themselves as fighters against Nazism. According to American historian and journalist Lenni Brenner, the author of a book on Zionism, Tel Aviv’s present-day policy graphically confirms the fact that the “philosophy of Zionism,” the backbone of its alliance with Hitlerism, is alive and thriving in Israel today.