Collaboration With the PLO: The Case of Abraham Melzer

In November 2007, the German courts ruled that far-left publisher Abraham Melzer could legitimately be called an “expert in applied Judeophobia.” His firm had published Hajo Meyer’s book, The End of Jewry, which blames the Jews for antisemitism and dismisses the Holocaust as “a vagary of history.”

Abraham Melzer’s political proclivities had been evident for some time. In the early 1990s, the German Jewish press exposed his attempt to peddle an anti-Zionist magazine with PLO funding. Here is the text of his begging letter to Abdallah Frangi, PLO representative in Germany:-

Dear Mr. Frangi,

Enclosed please find our new issue of Semit. I hope you will like it. The harshness of our criticism [of Israel] will now increase from one issue to another. We have more than enough material.

You can imagine that a magazine like ours displeases many of our Jewish friends and potential supporters. Therefore, we are in need of any assistance we can get.

What would you say if you would subscribe, for instance, to 1,000 copies of our magazine, which we would despatch on instructions of the PLO information service to 1,000 VIPs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is important that as many politicians as possible will learn that there is an Israeli public opinion other than that of [Yitzhak] Shamir and [Ariel] Sharon...

I hope to hear from you soon and perhaps also see you again.


Abraham Melzer

(Source: Jerusalem Post, November 22, 1991)

Sadly, the case of Abraham Melzer is far from unique.