NB: In the following interview excerpts, far-left professor Norman G. Finkelstein declares that the Holocaust is “an ideological construction” of “the Jewish elite” and “a money making instrument” which is being “used to hold Germany in a vice like grip.” These sentiments certainly impressed the neo-Nazis who translated the interview from German.

Interview: A Man Sees Red [Excerpts]

Norman Finkelstein on the “Holocaust Industry” and the culture of remembrance in Germany and America.

Alan Posener,
Die Welt, Germany,
February 6, 2000

... You call the Holocaust an ideology.

To be more precise, an ideological construction, that originally served the interests of the Jewish elite in America and has now degenerated into a money making instrument. It has become a extortion racket.

Are you criticising German organisations as well?

I have no contacts to German organisations. I am dealing with the headquarters of the Holocaust Industry, which means the USA, with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) or the Jewish Claims Conference (JCC). I asked Saul Kagan from the JCC to sue me, I asked Edgar Bronfman from WJC to sue me, but they wouldn’t do it. But one can estimate their strength by the fact that there is literally no debate in America about my book. However, according to Amazon.com it is the number one in South America, number four in Central America, number one in Austria, number three in Switzerland and number five in Jordan on the best-selling lists. It is presently translated into eleven languages.

Well, being successful in countries like Jordan or Austria doesn’t necessarily mean that your book is good.

I am not saying that the comments made were positive everywhere. Especially in Germany and – until recently – in Great Britain the press was very critical. But in America there was no willingness to debate my thesis at all. My book has just been blanked out.

It appears a bit strange to attack “the Holocaust industry” in Germany, whilst large parts of the German industry is even to date not prepared to contribute to the compensation fund for forced labour during the Nazi period.

I am strongly for compensation, everything else would be absurd. I am happy that my father received until the end of his life a reasonably generous pension from the German government. But I am as much opposed to any agreement with those self-appointed representatives of the Jews. First of all, because the figures of survivors, presented by organisations like the JCC, are falsified and secondly the JCC does not pass on the money to the victims, but puts it in its own pockets. This is double fraud. In the early nineties these organisations discovered an opportunity to shake down European Governments and now they run amok. They are pursuing blackmail and therefore they should be indicted and tried as criminals before the courts.

... You also distinguished yourself as a critic of the American culture of remembrance, which you consider a part of the ideological Holocaust construction. What is your position towards the Holocaust memorial planned for Berlin?

I have mixed feelings. Actually I do not favour architecture of a Stalinistic style. We don’t need monumental buildings as we do not need extravaganzas in Spielberg films... Americans have no right to tell the Germans how they should remember crimes that were committed by a German government. Nobody has the right to dictate to the Germans in this matter... The Holocaust is an ideological club, used to hold Germany in a vice like grip. This routine is just a cheap opportunity for us to escape our moral responsibility...