Is Mark Elf a Paranoid Antisemite?

The following is NOT about Mark Elf, the well-known jazz musician from New York.

It is about Mark Elf, the anti-Zionist from Dagenham, who blogs and writes letters to the British press promoting hatred of Israel, its Jewish supporters, and anyone who does not share his refined sentiments on these matters. In his own words, he would “gladly see Israel, as a zionist state, wiped from the map.”

This Mark Elf complains that “Jews are untouchable for political critique and humour.” To remedy his grievance, he peddles fantasies from antisemitic propaganda: Zionism as a belief in “Jewish supremacy,” the Holocaust as a Zionist-Nazi conspiracy, Israelis as latter-day Nazis, Zionist domination of the media, etc. He also maintains that “Israel has turned the killing of children into a daily ritual.”

In addition, Elf has:

– deplored “the pocket-lining and zionism supporting activities of various holocaust industrialists”

– warned that “there is a certain state creating the impression that Jews are a bunch of bloodthirsty psychopaths or, at least apologists for the same”

– and supplied ignorant excuses for the “imported antisemitic sloganising” of Hamas.

Not content with vilifying other Jews as ritual child-murderers, greedy Holocaust exploiters and bloodthirsty psychopaths, Elf has even offered this observation:

The sad thing, I think, is this propensity for sheer instinctive dishonesty has become a habit of mind with many, maybe most, Jews. It’s part of the culture now and it’ll be a hard slog shifting it. I think as communities, the Jews are heading for a disaster thanks to this grotesque culture of deceit. I can’t imagine what form this disaster will take but suppose it happens like a flash, in a moment. I wonder who will be identifying as Jews after it happens.

As these remarks suggest, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the opinions of a devoted Israel-hater from the worldview of a neo-Nazi.

Although Elf denies that he is on the totalitarian left, he has contributed to a communist blog. And he has insisted that Saddam Hussein’s annual murders numbered in the mere hundreds rather than the tens of thousands.

My one exchange with Elf occurred after he commented on my article Jews Who Hate the Jewish State, in which his explicit justification for getting “rid” of Zionists is quoted. Elf is notorious for banning critics from his site whenever he is losing an argument, so the end of this debate was all too predictable.

When I answered an abusive email from Elf with a question about his background (to check that he was not the well-known jazz musician from New York), he started raving that I was threatening him on behalf of “zionists... dominating, if not controlling, the whole media here.”

Of course, Heaven forbid that anyone diagnose this outburst as an expression of paranoid antisemitism.


Update, December 7, 2006:-

Anti-Zionist fanatics hate each other almost as much as they hate the rest of the human race. For some time Mark Elf has been involved in a public feud with his fellow hatemonger Gilad Atzmon. Although Elf defames his fellow Jews as ritual child-murderers and proclaims that Zionists control the British media, he is embarrassed by Atzmon’s support for Holocaust deniers and his comments on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The problem for Elf is that Atzmon has become a cult figure for the stormtroopers of the British ultra-left, especially the Socialist Workers Party and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. As a direct result, Elf has now broken with his communist collaborators.

Of course, Elf’s prejudices will not be affected in the slightest by the fact that his former comrades would rather associate with a supporter of Holocaust deniers than with him.

Since Elf has little respect for his co-religionists, perhaps, when he next fulminates against bigotry in the anti-Zionist movement, he will recall the admonition of another faith: “first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:5).