Shraga Elam and David Irving

NB: The following appeared on Ben-Gurion University’s “Academia” discussion list. I have preserved the original spelling and punctuation. Shraga Elam is an Israeli anti-Zionist journalist. For details of his views, see his essay Holocaust Religion and Holocaust Industry in the Service of Israel and this exchange.

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:31:15 +0100
From: Karl Pfeifer
Subject: PS to Elam

On April 11, 2000  the High Court in London labeled David Irving a falsifier of history. Judge Gray declared “Irving is anti-semitic. His words are directed against Jews, either individually or collectively, in the sense that they are be [sic] turns hostile, critical, offensive and derisory in their references to semitic people, their characteristics and appearances.” He wrote in his judgement, that Irving was also a racist and had associated with militant neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists.

Only four days later, on  April 15, 2000 (Saturday) the same David Irving notes in his diary:

A Swiss Israeli journalist Shraga Elam writes:

I find it a real pity that a brilliant researcher like yourself got mixed up with this stuff of the so called “Auschwitz-denial,” because I agree with you completely that Hitler was no part of the project Auschwitz. According to my theory, it was even part of a plan of Himmler against Hitler, just as is quiet good proven [sic] in the case of the destruction of the Hungarian Jewry in 1944.

I share generally your scepticism towards oral History and the manipulations of the priests of the “Holocaust-Religion,” still all the “proofs” against the gas chambers in Auschwitz are not convincing at all.

I reply:

Fascinating. Let us correspond more, particularly when the heat of the present ugliness is vorbei. In [sic] understand that you are an Israeli journalist? Some of my best friends are...

So far the exchange of mails between the falsifier of history David Irving and the Israeli “peace activist” based in Switzerland. No comment.