Left-Wing Antisemitism

Information on the role of extreme leftists in promoting hatred of Jews and denial of the Holocaust.


Tyler Cowen, The Socialist Roots of Modern Anti-Semitism
Extreme left-wing movements have often vilified Jews as capitalist exploiters.
Max Geltman, On Socialist Anti-Semitism [PDF]
Many of the founders of socialism peddled hatred of Jews.
David Cesarani, The Left and the Jews/The Jews and the Left [PDF]
Detailed study of extreme left-wing antisemitism.


W. H. Chaloner and W. O. Henderson, Marx/Engels and Racism [PDF]
The origins of Marxist antisemitism.
Werner Cohn, From Victim to Shylock and Oppressor: The New Image of the Jew in the Trotskyist Movement
How the Trotskyist movement became antisemitic.
Mark Strauss, Antiglobalism’s Jewish Problem
Dave Rich, The Barriers Come Down: Antisemitism and Coalitions of Extremes
The ideological convergence of far-left anti-capitalists and far-right antisemites.
Ben Cohen, The Ideological Foundations of the Boycott Campaign Against Israel [PDF]
Why extreme left-wing anti-Zionists are in the vanguard of antisemitic boycott campaigns.
Arieh Stav, Notes on the Dialectics of Israeli Antisemitism [PDF]
Paul Bogdanor, Jews Who Hate the Jewish State / Juden, die den jüdischen Staat hassen
Steven Plaut, The Scourge of Jewish Anti-Semites [PDF]
How anti-Zionist Jews promote antisemitism, often quite deliberately.


- Soviet Union/Russia

A. Mark Clarfield, The Soviet “Doctors’ Plot”: 50 Years On
Moshe Decter, “Judaism Without Embellishment”: Recent Documentation of Russian Anti-Semitism [PDF]
Thomas Land, Moscow and Anti-Semitism [PDF]
Stan Crooke, The Stalinist Roots of Left Anti-Semitism [PDF]
Soviet antisemitic campaigns during the Cold War.
Russian Communist Leader Denounces “Zionist Capital”
Russia’s communists are still fomenting hatred of Jews in the post-Soviet era.

- Britain

Ben Cohen, The Persistence of Anti-Semitism on the British Left
Excellent analysis of extreme left-wing incitement against Jews in Britain.
Alan Elsner, Race, Tolerance and the NUS [PDF]
Jewish Students Charge Left Groups With Anti-Semitism
Jewish Students Gagged at Leeds
Campus far-leftists, who once banned Jewish student groups, now silence protests against their own bigotry.
Leo McKinstry, Shame on the Left and its Vicious Hatred of Israel
Radical leftist intellectuals have played a crucial part in making antisemitism respectable in Britain.
Oliver Kamm, Atzmon Watch / Atzmon, Mosley and Respect / Keeping the Faith / Respect and Antisemitism
David Hirsh, Openly Embracing Prejudice
Atzmon Slams “Jewish Tribal Activists”
Yaniv Halily, The Protocols of Gilad Atzmon
The British far left’s scandalous promotion of an ex-Israeli antisemite.
Eran Benedek, Britain’s Respect Party: The Leftist-Islamist Alliance and its Attitude Toward Israel
British far leftists tried and failed to unite with Islamic extremists on the basis of shared hatred for Americans and Jews.
Mark Gardner, Routledge’s Journal of Contemporary Leftist Anti-Semitism
Antisemitic diatribes in a journal issued by a respected academic publisher.
Paul Bogdanor, Jeremy Corbyn is Placing Himself at the Head of Britain’s “Palestine Solidarity” Lynch Mobs
The election of a far-leftist who consorts with bigots to lead Britain’s Labour Party.

- Other

Jillian Becker, The Red Army Faction: Another Final Battle on the Stage of History [PDF]
Susanne Urban, Being Leftist and Anti-Semitic in Germany
Extreme left-wing activists in Germany demand the destruction of Israel and blame Jews for global capitalism.
Karl Pfeifer, “Israel Shamir” and the Austrian Left
Austrian socialists promote a Nazi fanatic.
In Spain, Anti-Semitism is New Leftist Trend
Radical leftist politicians in Spain vilify Jews.
Chavez: Israel Worse Than Hitler
Anti-Semitism in Venezuela: It is Planned
Venezuelan extreme leftists threaten that Jews “will undergo another Holocaust.”
Philip Mendes, New Manifestations of Anti-Zionist Fundamentalism on the Australian Left [PDF]
An Unholy Alliance
Australian campus ultra-leftists are so blatantly antisemitic that their Muslim allies are embarrassed by them.


Counterpunch on Israel and 9/11
Jeff Weintraub, Lunacy About Darfur (in Monthly Review)
Robert Goldberg, Do the Right Thing
Documenting antisemitism on American ultra-leftist sites.
Kate Raynes-Goldie, Race Baiting
Antisemitic McCarthyism in a Canadian ultra-leftist magazine.

Non-Jewish Antisemites

Daniel Berrigan’s Speech to Arabs Stirs a Furor Over Award [PDF]
Report on the notorious diatribe by militant priest Daniel Berrigan.
Jason Maoz, Coffin’s Mideast Conformity
The antisemitic rhetoric of radical icon William Sloane Coffin.
Norman Podhoretz, Vidal’s Outburst: An Ominous New Stage in Anti-Semitism [PDF]
Deplores left-wing indifference to Gore Vidal’s infamous essay in The Nation.
William Grim, The Strange Case of Horst Mahler
How a founder of Germany’s Red Army Faction turned into a prominent Nazi.
Mr. Nader’s Baiting
Ralph Nader warns that the Israeli “puppeteer” controls the White House and Congress.
Norway up in Arms After Author Asserts Israel Has Lost Right to Exist
Jostein Gaarder’s vicious outburst against “God’s chosen people.”
David Hirsh, John Wight, Organizer of Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition, Pushes Antisemitism
What is Going on in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign?
British ultra-leftists cite neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers, blame “international Jewry” for the “hydra-headed monster” of Zionism, equate Judaism with Nazism and justify the murder of Jewish teenagers.
Geoffrey Alderman, An Old Enmity
Keith Dovkants, Anti-Semitism – and a Timely Question For Ken
Mayor Culpa [PDF]
The shocking record of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and his antisemitic Trotskyist allies.

Jewish Antisemites

- North America

Rachel Neuwirth, The Chomsky File
The sordid record of the cult leader’s involvement with Jew-hatred.
Norman G. Finkelstein, Interview: A Man Sees Red
Norman G. Finkelstein, Interview: “Jews Are Immune From Any Kind of Criticism”
Deborah Passner, Norman Finkelstein’s Fraudulent Scholarship
Paul Bogdanor, Exchange: The Scholarship of Norman Finkelstein
Noam Chomsky’s disciple Norman G. Finkelstein dismisses the Holocaust as an extortion racket against Germany, says that Jews run America, compares Israelis with Nazis, justifies al-Qaeda, champions Hezbollah, speaks alongside Hamas supporters and gives interviews to Holocaust deniers.
Jonathan Kay, Trent University’s Problem Professor
Philosopher Michael Neumann admits to encouraging vicious antisemitism and the destruction of Israel.
Jeffrey Blankfort’s Hate Message
Sixties veteran Jeffrey Blankfort blames Zionism for the Holocaust and describes the existence of Israel as a “cancer” that threatens the future of the planet.
University of Michigan Distributes Anti-Zionist Book
According to former Green Party Senate candidate Joel Kovel, “the power-Jews have restored nothing so much as Moloch, the child-devouring shadow-form of Yahweh.”
David Hirsh, “I Get Accused of Antisemitism Because I Criticize Israel”
Academic activist Jennifer Loewenstein castigates the “the Neo-Jewish Masters and their allies in the United States” for the ritual sacrifice of human beings as a “burnt offering.”

- Europe/Australia

Banned Mag Storm [PDF]
The British magazine Return, edited by Uri Davis, Tony Greenstein and Roland Rance, equated Zionism and Judaism with Nazism. Jewish students and national student leaders condemned it as antisemitic.
Paul Bogdanor, Is Mark Elf a Paranoid Antisemite?
British blogger Mark Elf portrays Zionists as ritual child-murderers and bloodthirsty psychopaths, looks forward to Israel’s destruction and warns that the world’s Jews are “heading for a disaster” thanks to their “grotesque culture of deceit.”
Jewish Pro-Palestinian in Hot Water For “Satanic” Israel Jibe
Boycott campaigner Deborah Fink regards the Jewish state as “Satanic.”
Michael Ezra, From Cranks to Clowns
Britain’s Jewish antisemites are now accusing each other of lying and bigotry.
Collaboration With the PLO: The Case of Abraham Melzer
German Court Rules on “Kosher Anti-Semitism”
Abraham Melzer, a publisher who sought funding from the PLO, and Hajo Meyer, an Auschwitz survivor who belittles the importance of the Holocaust, are Jewish antisemites according to the German courts.
Philip Mendes, Denying the Jewish Experience of Oppression: The Jewish Anti-Zionism of John Docker
Cultural critic John Docker inveighs against “Zionist control of the Australian media.”

- Israel

Steven Plaut, Uri Avnery Finds a “Fascist”
The fascist background of Israel’s most notorious PLO apologist.
Jonathan Rosenblum, An Israel Prize For Wagner?
The murderous rhetoric of Yigal Tumarkin and his comrades.
Paul Bogdanor, The Abominable Dr. Shahak
Paul Bogdanor, The Legacy of Israel Shahak
Werner Cohn, Shahak: The Jews Are Bad!
Jason Maoz, The Wicked Son
The Blood Libels of Israel’s worst antisemite.
Alan Dershowitz, Neve Gordon Can’t Take Criticism
Susan L. Rosenbluth, Accusations of Slander, Plagiarism and Holocaust Revisionism [PDF]
Susan L. Rosenbluth, Prof Steven Plaut’s Appeal Reverses Earlier Ruling [PDF]
Neve Gordon defended the killers of Jewish children and then resorted to a Holocaust-denying judge to silence his critic Steven Plaut.
Steven Plaut, A Second Blood Libel Anti-Semite From Israeli Academia
Yehiam Sorek offers his support to discredited Blood Libel historian Ariel Toaff.

Left-Wing Holocaust Denial

Pierre Vidal-Naquet, The Fantastic Calculations of Paul Rassinier
French socialist Paul Rassinier was one of the first Holocaust deniers.
Pierre Vidal-Naquet, On La Vieille Taupe and Cannibalism
The far-left outfit La Vieille Taupe – led by Pierre Guillaume and Serge Thion – became a major source of Holocaust denial propaganda.
Abraham H. Foxman, Letter to The Nation
The Nation is caught running an ad for Holocaust deniers.
Oliver Kamm, Chomsky’s Outlets
Kamm exposes a Holocaust denier at Z Magazine.
Denying the Denial
CounterPunch has promoted and defended Holocaust deniers.
Professor Disputes Holocaust
Holocaust denial by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Jane Christensen.
Holocaust Denial on University of Haifa Chat List
Anti-Zionist Miriam Reik posts material supporting Holocaust deniers on an extreme leftist Israeli discussion list.
Adam Holland, Oregon “Peace” Group to Mark Kristallnacht With Holocaust Denial Conference
Oregon campus ultra-leftists commemorate an infamous Nazi pogrom by hosting an infamous Nazi apologist.

The “Zionist-Nazi Conspiracy” Myth

- History

US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jewish Aid and Rescue
How Zionists saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis.
Joint Emergency Committee, Program For the Rescue of Jews From Nazi-Occupied Europe
Zionist rescue demands during the Holocaust.
Zionists Debate Rescue of Hungarian Jews
Jewish Agency Receives Offer to Trade Jews for Trucks
The Brand Mission: Messages From the Jewish Agency [PDF]
Zionist Rescue Efforts: Records From the Eichmann Trial
Zionist attempts to save the Jews of Hungary.

- Origins

Soviet Antisemites on the Holocaust
The communist propaganda campaign blaming Zionists for the Holocaust.
Jacob Gewirtz, The Lie of Zionist-Nazi Collaboration [PDF]
Inevitably, the propaganda campaign inspired antisemites everywhere.
Sever Plocker, Zizek and the Zionist-Nazi Alliance
Former Yugoslav intellectual Slavoj Zizek has attempted to revive the conspiracy myth.
Sean Matgamna, With Hitler on the Road to Samara
A sane Marxist points out that the conspiracy myth is itself reminiscent of Nazi antisemitic propaganda.

- Lenni Brenner

Paul Bogdanor, An Antisemitic Hoax: Lenni Brenner on Zionist “Collaboration” With the Nazis
American Trotskyist Lenni Brenner is the foremost Western exponent of the myth of the Zionist-Nazi conspiracy. This essay documents his manipulation of facts and sources, as well as his antisemitism.
Paul Bogdanor, Tony Greenstein’s House of Cards [PDF]
Paul Bogdanor, Tony Greenstein’s Sleight of Hand [PDF]
Rejoinders to Tony Greenstein's hopeless defences of Lenni Brenner against the charges made in my paper. See below for more on Greenstein.
Paul Bogdanor, Who is Lenni Brenner?
Brenner’s Complaint [PDF]
Bad Boy Brenner [PDF]
Mrs Brenner’s Boy [PDF]
Diatribe Against America, Jews and Israel
More on Lenni Brenner’s antisemitic activism.
C. C. Aronsfeld, Review of Zionism in the Age of the Dictators [PDF]
Louis Harap, “Zionist-Nazi Collaboration” Refuted: Lenni Brenner’s Trickery Exposed [PDF]
Paul Bogdanor, Ken Livingstone, Lenni Brenner, and Historical Distortions: A Case Study
Paul Bogdanor, Ken Livingstone, Lenni Brenner, and Falsified Evidence
More on Brenner’s factual distortions.

- Jim Allen

A Curtain Call For Courting Perdition [PDF]
David Pryce-Jones, The Perdition Affair [PDF]
John O’Mahoney and Tony Greenstein, Exchange: The Perdition Affair [PDF]
Stan Crooke, “Anti-Zionist” Play Will Mark Holocaust Memorial Day
British Trotskyist Jim Allen promoted the conspiracy myth in his virulently antisemitic play Perdition.

- Tony Greenstein

Paul Bogdanor, Tony Greenstein and the Nazi Apologists
Michael Ezra, Questions For Tony Greenstein
Michael Ezra, Anti-Racists Against Anti-Zionists
Michael Ezra, Tony Greenstein: More Errors Than Paragraphs
Tony Greenstein spreads falsehoods about Zionism and the Holocaust while praising antisemites and Nazi apologists.
Nigel Savage, Letter: Tony Greenstein [PDF]
Paul Bogdanor, Atzmon Versus Greenstein
Exchange: Greenstein, Stalin, Hitler
Exchange: Tony Greenstein on Mass Murder and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Tony Greenstein’s unique approach to fighting antisemitism includes the accusation that “Zionist groups... are seeking to replicate what the Protocols described.”

- Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone and the Myth of Zionist “Collaboration” With the Nazis
The British far-left politician and former Mayor of London has peddled numerous “collaboration” fictions of his own.

Other Holocaust Falsifiers

Goal Pinto, The Specialist is Almost Entirely a Perverse Fraud
Anti-Zionist filmmaker Eyal Sivan produced a thoroughly misleading documentary on the Eichmann trial.
Alvin H. Rosenfeld, The Assault on Holocaust Memory [PDF]
Dave Rich, The Left and the Holocaust
Dave Rich, Holocaust Denial as an Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist Tool For the European Far Left
Michael Ezra, The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: The Far Right, the Far Left and the Middle East
The extreme left’s Blood Libels about “Zionist-Nazi collaboration,” “the Holocaust industry,” etc.
Allan J. Lichtman, The Terrible Whys of German History
Richard Breitman, A Nazi Crusade?
The ideological fictions of historian Arno Mayer, who pretended that the Holocaust was an unplanned result of the invasion of the Soviet Union and that most of the victims died from “natural” causes.
Shraga Elam and David Irving
Anti-Zionists “Debate” Hitler’s Guilt
Anti-Zionist Shraga Elam sends a friendly message to Holocaust denier David Irving in which he denies Hitler’s responsibility for Auschwitz. Then he debates the subject with his fellow Israel-haters.
Paul Bogdanor, David Stannard, Ward Churchill and the Holocaust
Other far-left pseudo-scholars who publish falsehoods about the Holocaust.