About Paul Bogdanor

Paul Bogdanor is an author and researcher in Britain. His interests include political extremism, human rights, the Holocaust, and antisemitism.

His latest book, Kasztner's Crime, tells the story of how hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were deported to their deaths during the Holocaust while the head of the "rescue operation" in Budapest collaborated with the Nazis.

His work has been reviewed in national publications in three countries; it has been hailed as "a must-read," "impressive and necessary," "required reading," and "of epoch-making importance."

He has contributed to publications on both sides of the Atlantic. His investigative reports on anti-Israel propagandists and on far-left support for jihadist terror were front-page features in The Jewish Press, the largest Orthodox Jewish newspaper in the United States.

He has originated national media stories in several countries exposing incidents of anti-democratic extremism and antisemitism.